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Sarah Beeny returned to Channel 4 with a second series of Double Your House for Half the Money.

Two of the families have purchased their kitchens from us.

Sarah is meeting and advising families who are transforming smaller properties into their dream house by literally doubling its size, at a fraction of the cost to go out and buy a house that big.

The families have been inspired to max out their existing properties and create as much equity in their homes as possible. The way to create equity is to spend wisely but still maintain the level of quality their homes deserve.

We have supplied two families with their kitchens. We were identified as supplying fantastic quality kitchens at a realistic cost. We seemed to tick every box that property developers demand from their suppliers.

We were first contacted by Tara from Clapham Common then recommended to Vicky from West Sussex. They both used our planning service, albeit they already had detailed plans they had drawn up themselves and we simply visualised their plans into 3D perspectives, floor plan and elevations.

What seemed to impress was the service as a whole. We spent a few years researching and developing our product and service so that when we went live we were 100% ready for the demands of property developments.

What we supply leaves no stone unturned. What we offer is the complete package from the start, there are no add-ons that annoy the hell out of people. For instance… " Oh, you want soft close.. That will be an extra £20.00 per drawer " All of a sudden the cheap kitchen you thought you were buying has nearly doubled from the original enquiry.

We are unique in the fact that we offer to you our no-nonsense price list. Our price is our price. No extras, no add ons, no frustrations…… We are unique in that all our kitchens are the same price. Why should High Gloss Black Doors cost more than High Gloss White Doors? Why should a Handleless Style Door cost more than a Shaker Style Door?


Here are the questions we were asked over and over again during our research.

1. Are the kitchens supplied rigid built?

Yes, but if you have storage issues we can supply flat pack at no extra cost.

2. Do the drawers have soft close?

Absolutely. Its what everybody demands.

3. Are the drawers made by Blum?

Yes. Blum is the premium manufacturer of drawers and hinges. We supply all the drawers with a 30KG loading capacity.

4. Do the doors have soft close?

Yes. These are also made by Blum. We supply the clip on hinge for ease of removing doors.

5. How quick can you make and supply kitchens?

12 days. Each kitchen is special manufactured. We do offer specials, but you will need to call us. There is usually no extra charge.

6. What is the quality of the hinges?

Blum clip on with soft close.

7. Do you supply the drawers ready built?

Yes. We supply the drawers ready built. We also fit the drawer runners and fit the drawers into the cabinet.

8. Does the carcase match the doors?

Yes. Therefore no un-necessary extra cost for end panels. Unless there are required as a design feature.

9. Do the doors come drilled for hinges.

Yes. We drill the doors ready for the hinges. You have to drill the drawer fronts only.

10. Do we need to screw the feet bases to the base units.

No. We fit the feet bases to the cabinet. This also cuts down on damage as the cabinets are never sat directly onto the floor. You can easily slide them around the room.

11. Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the whole of the UK

12. Is there a price list?

Absolutely. this is actually our most unique selling point.

13. How many price groups are there?

There is just one price group for the four styles of doors, and the ten colours we offer.

14. Do you just offer one height of wall unit?

No, we offer five different heights of wall units.

15. Do you do a 900mm wide drawer pack?

This was the most bizarre question…! I asked, why wouldn't we? Because all the other major stores don't.

16. Do you do different heights of tall housings?

We offer three heights of tall housings.

17. What if i need 20 kitchens asap?

No problem whatsoever.

18. Are the fronts of the cabinets pvc edged?


19. Do you have a showroom?

Yes we do.

20. What about design?

We offer full design at a small charge. However if its just simply visualising your own plan there is no charge. Please call us for more info on this one.

21. How much is delivery?

Delivery is £80.00 + vat.

As you can appreciate we listened to what you as the consumer demands.

Please feel free to phone us for any information or help whatsoever. Our phone number is at the top of every page.

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